Our story

In 2005, we entered the global market by introducing Try-and-Buy micropayment solutions to mobile phone manufacturers and game development companies. Since then, we have gained the trust of international brands such as Samsung, Gameloft, Namco, EA, Sega, and Ericsson. Since our establishment, we have provided over 1.5 billion games in 55 countries worldwide!

Building on the success of our micropayment solutions, we expanded into the mobile advertising and social gaming market from 2013 onwards. Based on a robust technological background, we developed a unique DIY game solution called Branded Mini-Games (BMG). BMG is essentially the latest available customer loyalty marketing funnel. This tool helps brands or individuals quickly and easily create and launch their own ad games for mobile and online marketing. This service has been provided to over 100 brands, including BMW, Samsung, and KFC.

Pocket Arena is a Web3 esports and NFT marketplace service that started in June 2018. All games are run in web browsers, and Castle Defense was released in July 2021. Castle Defense is an old-school Clash of Clans-style strategy play-to-earn (P2E) game. The current Swiss-Lucerne map is implemented in the game for Castle Arena, which is the core of the game, featuring PvP land battles. Along with this map, players, and NFT Castles, we have created our own metaverse called Town. In Castle Town, there are no battles between players. There are cafes, arcades, and brand spaces necessary for the metaverse.

Starting in 2022, we began upgrading the BMG Studio to create Branded Mini-Games as a SaaS (Software as a Service) for the brand spaces in Castle Town. In April 2023, we completed Studio KR. Through this, we provide land and brand shop buildings to brands in C-Town, and enable the use of Branded Mini-Games through showrooms. Starting from July 2023, brands can directly create and operate "Customer Support AI Chatbot" and "Customer Support-People" through the studio based on the ChatGPT API. With these brand metaverse services, brands can create their own customer communities.

Our team consists of 40 members with over 17 years of experience in the gaming industry. Currently, we have offices in Seoul, South Korea; London, UK. Our headquarters is located in Baar, Zug, Switzerland.


Providing brand metaverse solutions that bring the world together.


We act with integrity

We take ownership

We support each other to attain our full potential

We respect our people, partners and communities

We follow our core values and work towards our mission to create and improve business results using brand metaverse solutions.


Our Services & Products

There is a Web3 gaming ecosystem called Pocket Arena. Here, we have created a metaverse (Land) called Castle Town for our game Castle Defense and its in-game PvP battles known as Castle Arena. In this context, Castle Town is referred to as C-Town. Through C-Town, brands receive land and build buildings. The buildings have showrooms where brands can engage in brand mini-games. With the points earned from the games, they can use the World Wide Chat service called "ChatGPT API" supported public chat room. Brands provide this public chat room service for free to consumers, creating their own brand communities, and these brands come together to create a brand metaverse. Additionally, brands can directly communicate with customers worldwide (supporting 96 languages) through customer support provided by the ChatGPT API. Starting in 2024, brands will be able to mint C-Town discount coupons as NFTs through Falk.


Brands can use the SaaS platform called Studio to create HTML5 brand mini-games, metaverse showrooms, and AI chatbot services without coding.

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Pocket Arena

Pocket Arena’s vision is to create an easy and trustworthy HTML5 browser web3 gaming ecosystem, providing a space for people to enjoy games, earn digital assets, and grow those assets.

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Falk supports NFT creation and marketplace for brands and web3 game developers. We have independently built a Layer 2 Ethereum sidechain.

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Achieve higher engagement, click-throughs and conversions using Branded Mini-Games. Fully-customised HTML5 games that grab your audience’s attention.